Eco Tacky Mat 18" x 36" Pack of 8 Mats





8.5 Kg



'Eco Tacky Mat'

The water-based Tacky Mat 

Blue - 18 x 36" (457 x 914mm)


The water-based tacky mat has additional benefits compared to a traditional solvent-based tacky mat. Using the latest technology the water-based tacky mat is manufactured without the use of the solvent Toluene (also known as Toluol).  The water-based mat is excellent for removing particles due to the consistency of the adhesive. The floor side adhesive will stick to a variety of different floors. Like the traditional solvent-based mats the adhesive on the floor side of the mat is stronger than the layer adhesion, therefore will not lift from the floor when removing the contaminated layers. Each layer has a numbered corner tab to ensure only the contaminated layer is removed. The tacky mats are made from a low-density polyethylene sheet which removes dirt and dust from shoe surfaces and the wheels of trolleys and carts before they can contaminate a “cleanroom.”



  • Excellent at encapsulating particles
  • No Toluene solvent is used
  • Eco-Friendly (Conforming to REACH)
  • Sticks to the existing floor without the need of a frame 
  • M200 adhesive strength (Standard medium tack)
  • Removes contamination on contact
  • Comprises of 30 layers per mat
  • Numbered corners - just peel to expose a clean surface
  • Low profile construction
  • Floor side adhesion holds mats securely to the floor
  • Easy to remove and leaves no residue
  • Use with or without a frame
  • Custom sizes available


Quality Assurance

  • Batch number carton Identification


Adhesive strength

  • M200 (180g, Standard) / Tolerance: ±40g





  • Polyethylene (MDPE)
  • Thickness: 35±5µm / Layer


Trolley Test

  • 150Kg Trolley test



  • Blue



  • 18 x 36" (457 x 914cm)



  • 8 mats / carton


Ordering Information

  • Pack size: 8 mats / carton
  • Price shown is per carton
  • Prices ex VAT


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