Ultima II® 23 x 23cm Polyester Nylon knitted Microfibre / Microdenier Wiper - 150 wipes per pack



Knitted Wipers




1.0 Kg



The Ultima II® is composed of a Polyester and Nylon knitted Microfiber / Micro-denier fabric, engineered for critical non-abrasive applications in mind. The blade-shaped fibre cross-section gently lifts, encapsulates, and removes particulates even without a wetting agent. Combined with the ultra-fine, soft fibres protects even the most highly sensitive and critical scratch-prone surfaces. The Ultima II® is ultrasonically sealed on all four edges, laundered, processed and packaged to ISO Class 4 (Class 10) environments, with ultra-low levels of particles, ions and extractables makes the Ultima II® consistent with Class 1 – 10 environments.


Key Attributes

  • 70% Polyester / 30% Nylon Microfibre knitted Wiper
  • Ultrasonically sealed edges minimising fibre and particle generation and providing a smooth non-abrasive edge
  • 8 times the number of filaments and 4 times the surface area of standard Polyester Wipers
  • Soft feel, durable, and the ability to wipe surfaces clean without using a wetting agent. 
  • Blade shaped ultrafine fibre cross-section lifts, entraps and removes particulates from critical surfaces
  • Packed in an ISO Class 4 (Class 10) cleanroom



  • Soft to the hand, non-abrasive wiper with sealed edges
  • Excellent for sensitive and scratch-prone surfaces
  • Cleans efficiently with less solvent usage than traditional wipers
  • Excellence absorption capabilities
  • Low generation of static electricity
  • Resist abrasion under rigorous use
  • Durable, soft blade fibre, smooth and non-abrasive wiper



  • Recommended in ISO Class 4 (Class 10) cleanrooms.
  • Designed for scratch prone sensitive surfaces
  • Used in Display, Semiconductor, Optical and Lens Manufacturing
  • Recommended for cleaning delicate process in critical environments
  • Applying and removing solvents 


Cleanroom classification

  • Recommended for use in ISO Class 4 (Class 10) cleanroom applications
  • Laundered using 17MΩ ultra-pure D.I water 
  • Processed and packaged in a double bag in an ISO Class 4 (Class 10) cleanroom
  • Assures cleanliness with ultra-low level of particle, ion and extractable consistent with class 1-10 cleanroom environment


Quality Standards

  • Manufactured in a facility holding ISO 9001:2008
  • Lot traceability


Size and packaging:

  • 9 x 9" (23 x 23cm) flat packed, double bagged
  • 150 sheets / pack, 8 packs / carton


Ordering Information

  • Pack size: 150 wipes / pack
  • Price shown is per pack
  • Prices ex VAT


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