Spherical shaped 2mmØ Cotton Swab (Huby) - 2'500 pieces

The Huby BB-012 is round double-ended cotton swab consisting of high quality, long staple-length cotton, tightly wrapped and shaped on both ends of high strength, wound paper handles. Methylcellulose binder is used to secure the head to the handle and minimise shedding while maintaining low levels of extractable residue. The high-quality cotton fibres provide excellent particle entrapment and retention, as well as exceptional absorbency of most solvents and solutions. Recommended for absorbing to most common solvents including isopropyl alcohol, acetone, and is ideal for use with aqueous based solutions.



  • Head - Cotton
  • Handle - Wound Paper
  • Construction - Methyl-Cellulose binder


Head size

  • Head width - 2mm
  • Head length - 8mm                                                                                                                                                                     


Handle size

  • Handle width - 0.8mm
  • Handle length - 73mm


Overall size

  • Total length - 75.5mm



  • 2'500 pieces / Carton


Ordering Information

  • Supplied: 25 swabs / bag, 100 bags / Carton
  • Supplied in Cartons of 2'500 pieces
  • Prices ex VAT