Dust Removal Pads





0.4 Kg



Adhesive contamination pads (DRS Pads) are designed for many diverse applications to capture particles permanently. Simply place the contaminated item on the sticky pad and remove, leaving particles stuck to the pad in a controlled manner. The pad can work in conjunction with a hand roller (supplied separately) by firmly pressing on the contaminated item and using the pad to decontaminate the roller after use. Pressing the pad onto larger contaminated areas is also common practice. The pad is made of 50 self-adhesive sheets which are easily removed once contaminated. Resilient release paper gently and safely removes dust and dirt without disturbance. Comprises specifically designed tacky paper which does not lint when torn off. The overall construction is designed not to generate any particles.


  • Excellent at removing dust particles
  • Ideal for cleaning many diverse applications
  • Gently removes dust particles
  • Easily tear-off sheets
  • Lint-free
  • Emit no unwanted particles
  • Suitable for collecting particles for subsequent analysis
  • 50 sheets / Pad


Composition / Construction

  • Adhesion 800g
  • Release paper 130µm
  • Adhesive coating 10µm
  • Adhesive paper 80µm



  • 240 x 330mm
  • 50 Sheets



  • White


Ordering Information

  • Pack size: 1 Pad
  • Price shown is per Pad (50 Sheets)
  • Prices ex VAT